Values Found and Taught in the Workspace and the Family with Sleek founder Julien Labruyere
Parents in TechNovember 06, 2022x
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Values Found and Taught in the Workspace and the Family with Sleek founder Julien Labruyere

Being a parent and also a founder perhaps can be challenging to others and might find it hard to manage their time. In this episode, I speak with Julien Labruyere about the importance of balancing professional life and time with family, especially with children and how it is different to raise kids in an Asian culture. 


Julien Labruyere is a father to 2 children. He is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Sleek (, a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors to register new businesses from anywhere and effortlessly manage their accounting, payroll, tax compliance, business accounts and governance through a simple online platform with first-class support. Julien dives into the values and disciplines that he practises inside his business and also he is imparting to his two kids. Julien also shares his parenting style, blending in his French culture with living in Singapore.


To balance work and life responsibilities, Julien makes sure that he is setting boundaries from being a CEO to his company and being the father to his kids. He also shares how he is trying to be present and make time with his family as well as being empathetic to his employees who also are parents and soon to become parents.

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