Switching Jobs, Inspiring Values, and Heguru Schooling, with Cynthia Siantar
Parents in TechMarch 27, 2022x
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Switching Jobs, Inspiring Values, and Heguru Schooling, with Cynthia Siantar

Changing jobs in the first year as a mother, cultivating values in children, and experimenting with a Japanese baby schooling method. Cynthia recounts her adventures since she became a mother less than a year ago.


Cynthia Siantar is Go-To-Market Leader at Bank Jago, Indonesia’s first fully digital bank. With more than 10 years of background in banking, start-ups, and fintech, Cynthia held key positions in ING Bank and Oriente, and in 2014 she co-founded Call Levels, a finance market monitoring solution.


Cynthia walks us through her thought process of switching jobs shortly after giving birth, and shares the importance of finding passion and inspiration outside motherhood. She shares with us her insights into Heguru, a Japanese teaching method that stimulates the brain with activities that foster creativity, memory, and social skills. We also discuss the importance of nurturing positive values, such as the virtues of diligence and solidarity.

To get in touch with Cynthia, find her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cynthiasiantar/ 

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