Switching Careers, Caring for others and yourself with Aisyiah Mohd from Sleek
Parents in TechNovember 13, 2022x
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Switching Careers, Caring for others and yourself with Aisyiah Mohd from Sleek

Switching careers in her 30s, caring for the people at Sleek and taking care of yourself before caring for others. In this special collaboration series with Sleek, I talk to Aisyiah Mohd about her journey of being a parent in tech despite having a non-tech background beforehand.


Aisyiah Mohd is the Head of People and Culture at Sleek. Aisyiah is a proud mom of two teenage kids who keep her young at heart, age 19 and 15.

In this episode, she discussed the story of how she left her stable job, stayed at home to care for her children, and then went back to work as an “accidental leader.” She also shared how her maternal instincts led her to care for their people during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone felt anxious about the sudden WFH setup.

To get in touch with Aisyiah Mohd, find her on LinkedIn: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/aishamohd


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