Responding to Feedback, Empathizing with Others, and Managing Pressure, with Samantha Pearlson
Parents in TechMarch 20, 2022x
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Responding to Feedback, Empathizing with Others, and Managing Pressure, with Samantha Pearlson

Giving and receiving feedback, empathizing with the perspectives of others, and fighting the guilt of putting yourself first. Samantha relates the motherhood experiences that have made her grow as a person and as a professional - from calendar management and prioritization, to conflict management and task delegation. 


Samantha Pearlson is General Manager of South-East Asia Client Services at The Trade Desk, an advertising technology platform. She has long-standing experience in advertising and media, and a solid reputation as a leader in ad-tech. Recently, she was appointed Identity Council Member at the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Southeast Asia and India.


Samantha walks us through the process of discovering her son had ADHD and tells us how keeping a long-term perspective helps her handle the cultural pressure of being a present mother, while maintaining her individuality. We discuss the importance of building a feedback culture in the workplace to develop resilience as well as dealing with the reflection of yourself that children provide. When managing differences in parenting with her husband, she signals understanding each other’s perspective as the means to find a common ground.

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