Moving to Singapore to Raise a Family, and Prioritizing Family - Fitness - Work with Sammy Elazab
Parents in TechOctober 16, 2022x
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Moving to Singapore to Raise a Family, and Prioritizing Family - Fitness - Work with Sammy Elazab

Aligning priorities on family, fitness and work, migrating from England to Singapore and breaking parenting stereotypes, especially around dads. I talk to Sammy Elazab on having a well-balanced work, personal, and family life.


In this episode, we speak to Sammy, Senior Sales Manager and Head of Online Sales Organisation - Southeast Asia at LinkedIn. Sammy and his wife moved to Singapore a decade ago with the intent of staying for 2 years, but fell in love with the sunny island and stayed on. He is on a mission to make the days of others better by helping them understand their inner strength. Earlier this year, he became an Associate Certified Coach by the ICF. Sammy is the father of 3 children all aged 5 and under.


Sammy shares that despite having three young kids at the peak of his career, it has never occurred to him that family and parenthood might set him back on his career ambitions. He is grateful to have his children grow up together with a small age gap, so they can connect and bond with each other better. 


Sammy’s road to fitness also started during quarantine season, and since then, has built a regular fitness regime with the help of a personal trainer to keep him consistent and accountable. Despite the hustle at work, he makes sure that he spends time with family, and to make every moment with them count.


To get in touch with Sammy Elazab, find him on LinkedIn:


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