How being a mother helps me in becoming an empowered altruistic leader by Pauline Sim of Sleek
Parents in TechNovember 20, 2022x
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How being a mother helps me in becoming an empowered altruistic leader by Pauline Sim of Sleek

Allowing employees to meet their full potential at work by providing a healthy working environment where personal time is respected. The capabilities of women at work are acknowledged and nourished. In this special collaboration with Sleek, I talk to Pauline Sim about how she faces her adversaries at work and at home, how she handles her time, and how the work culture at Sleek enabled her to become a leader.

Pauline Sim worked in the banking industry for 18 years before becoming the head of the FinTech and Partnerships team in Sleek. She is a mother to two boys and a girl, ages thirteen, ten, and nine.

In this episode, she discusses the importance of providing employees with a healthy working environment and allowing them to divide their time between work and life outside work. She also talks about the quality of work they produce, giving the right working hours, and how women in the tech industry make an empathetic leader that encourages the whole team.

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