Giving Kids a Choice, The Art of Experimenting and Having a Work-Life Balance with Zi Xin
Parents in TechOctober 30, 2022x
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Giving Kids a Choice, The Art of Experimenting and Having a Work-Life Balance with Zi Xin

Giving kids the freedom to choose what they want, the art of experimentation on parenting techniques and setting clear boundaries between work and life. I talk to Zi Xin on how to manage time and energy for work, family, and hobbies. 


Born and bred in Singapore, Zi Xin enjoys using technology to solve problems. He loves and lives to eat, but hates to queue - leading him to co-found Appic Technologies while in university. Appic Technologies was acquired by Chope in 2014, and since then Zi Xin has worked in product management leadership roles.


Zi Xin is a father of a three-year-old boy, Arthur. In his free time, he loves to scout for food with his wife, which they both truly enjoy. Parenting for Zi Xin is a learning experience, and he shares how he is not afraid of taking risks because he can always improve and learn from it.  From sleep training to letting his kid decide what to wear, Zi Xin prefers to teach their son independence from a young age.


As a parent in tech, Zi Xin also tries to experiment around his approach towards parenting. He loves to try out ways to improve the status quo, and learn from what did not work out. His principles help him in his parenting which is evident in the way he teaches empathy and courage to his son. 


To get in touch with Zi Xin, find him on LinkedIn:


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