Finding Love, Dealing with Fussy Eater Kids and Work-Life Balance with Gaurav Jain
Parents in TechOctober 23, 2022x
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Finding Love, Dealing with Fussy Eater Kids and Work-Life Balance with Gaurav Jain

Getting to know his wife through a magazine, convincing a fussy eater child to eat her meal, and creating a schedule to manage working from home. I talk to Gaurav Jain about raising his family in Singapore, while making work-from-home work with two kids.


Gaurav Jain is the Director of Engineering at Autodesk. Throughout his career, he has also started several side projects such as an online social platform for creative professionals and edutech mobile apps and games. He met his wife while browsing a magazine of potential partners, which turned out to be one of the best decisions in his life. She later became the mother of his two kids, aged 11 and 6. The first was born in India while the second was born in Singapore - two blessings they never expected, but now relish. 


Gaurav shares one of the challenges of raising kids - fussy eating. To address this, he researched a variety of parenting techniques and experimented through trial-and-error. He recounted how starving his elder child for a day in an attempt to make her hungry and eat did not pan out as planned.


As a parent in tech, he also talks about the benefits and challenges of working from home as the lines often get blurred. To create a sense of balance between the two under one roof, he creates a strict schedule of work time and family time. 


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