Childhood Influences, Role Modeling, and Women in the Workforce, with Lynette Tan
Parents in TechApril 03, 2022x
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Childhood Influences, Role Modeling, and Women in the Workforce, with Lynette Tan

The impact of childhood experiences on parenting styles and career decisions, the importance of being a role model for your children, and the place of women in the workforce. We talk with Lynette about her thoughts on bringing up children in a technology-saturated world. 


Lynette Tan is Chief Executive and Board Member of Singapore Space & Technology Limited as well as co-founder and Executive Director of the Singapore Space & Technology Association. She has been featured by Fortune and CNBC for driving some of the world’s most innovative space startups. In 2020, she was appointed Karman Fellow, an award provided to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in space.


We discuss how she inspires her children to pursue their ambitions. As a parent in tech, Lynette advocates for teaching children human values to ensure that technology is used to serve human needs. She also shares with us her insights on how subconscious biases drive women away from the workforce and the changes she perceives in those trends.


To get in touch with Lynette, find her on LinkedIn 

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